ESG is at the top
of Move Capital’s strategy

4 commitments
at the core of the
Move Capital project

4 commitments at the core
of the Move Capital project

Create sustainable Tech Jobs and stable work environments in Europe

Ensure Data protection and promote Data privacy

Implement balanced governance and encourage diversity

Stimulate energetic transition and spread best environmental practices

Concrete and pragmatic actions at all levels

Management company

  • Annual assessment of the MC’s Carbon footprint
  • 1st financial player to sign the Sustainable IT Charter by INR
  • Watch on the implementation of the European taxonomy
The Fund and the Team

  • The Fund is registered Article 8 according to SFDR and promotes
    social and environmental impact
  • Mandatory ESG training provided to all team members
Portfolio companies

  • Systematic ESG due diligence and continuous ESG monitoring
    with our partner Ethifinance
  • Creation of an ESG roadmap with the portfolio companies, in line
    with the Team’s commitment and values
  • Carbon footprint for the portfolio companies from 2023

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